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At Lidl, our most valuable asset is our people. As part of the Human Resources department, our goal is to attract and retain top talent in the Lidl World. Our HR team boasts a wealth of expertise, including areas such as recruitment, payroll administration, employer branding, compensation and benefits, talent management, global mobility, labor law compliance, and a variety of other HR-related services. Our overarching objective is to ensure that Lidl is a desirable and equitable employer for all.

Our teams in the HR Department

New Recruitment & EB Team

Recruiting and Employer Branding Team

Working in our Recruiting and Employer Branding Team is quite dynamic. Team's primary task is finding new members that will join Lidl team in the country. Our colleagues from this team are also in charge of many activities for the successful branding of Lidl as an employer.
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Talent Management & Engagement Team

Our Talent Management and Engagement team plays a key role in implementing training programs for employees and supporting their career development. In order for these processes to be successfully managed, its members constantly monitor employee satisfaction and development, and identify the needs for providing additional training and development of programs.
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HR Services, Employment Law and HR Compliance Team

Our department is responsible for implementation, processing and maintenance of personnel data management, preparation of personal-related documents, employment contracts, and other agreements. Management and advice on HR compliance issues is also on the list of its everyday tasks.
HR Organisation & Transformation Team

HR Organisation & Transformation Team

HR Organisation & Transformation Team is in charge of coordination, development and maintenance of HR digitization concepts and systems essential for the everyday functioning of our HR Department.
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Working at Lidl in the Talent Management and Engagement Team means getting to know different people and there is never a dull day at work. Everyone is super friendly and supportive and we celebrate everyone’s success.

Lidl promotes a feeling of being engaged in meaningful work which sharpens and diversifies one’s skill set.

For everyone that is looking for a company that could offer a career instead of a job, Lidl is the place to be!


Ana, Talent Management and Engagement Team Manager


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Recruitment & Employer Branding Team


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